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A little note on COVID-19 

These sure are strange times and things keep changing daily, so we have put together a little information for and your peace of mind, on what we are doing to ensure the health and safety of you and our dream team at Livify. 


Shipping during COVID-19

While COVID-19 has affected a lot of other things, it has not slowed down our processing and shipping times. We are still processing your orders within 24 hours on business days and all orders placed on a Friday or over the weekend will be processed by the following Monday. In addition, we choose to ship with FedEx so we can ensure the fastest delivery (because we know you just can't wait to get in them). 

What's more, from now on we will be providing contactless delivery so that you can maintain your social distance and remain safe in your home, and as always, your shipping is completely FREE within Canada.

Some exceptions for customers living in remote areas will apply, and delivery times may be slower, but we are doing everything in our power to ensure your Freddy's get to you as soon as possible.


Internal Affairs

We have shifted all of our support staff to work from home and with your help, intend to keep everyone employed where possible. Our kickass team is what makes Livify what it is, and we will be doing everything in our power to support them during this period.  


Final thoughts...

We may be a young company, but we are doing everything we can to be there for you and our team. We love the Freddy community and COVID-19 won’t come in the way of that. Visit our website or engage with us through our social media channels, we want to hear from you!



Women's Size Chart

Freddy is an Italian brand that follows a European measuring chart. What does that mean? Well, for us North Americans it means we need to SIZE UP because Freddy pants fit small. Follow our size chart to find out what size best fits you. It is important that you get the correct size in FREDDY WR.UP® pants so they can accentuate your figure rather than flatten and overstretch around your buttocks and crotch area. The seams are specifically designed to assist your natural curves and apply pressure to lift the buttocks. If the seams are overstretched it can cause too much pressure and could lead to damaging the pants.


1. Measure your BUM around the widest part as shown.
2. Measure your WAIST approximately 2 inches below your belly button.
3. The most important measurement is the BUM.
4. If you are in-between sizes always go a size up
5. See your corresponding FREDDY size in the chart below.

Find the perfect rise 

Find your perfect fit!

Low Rise

Low rise Freddy pants sit on your hips and are a lower waist style. The unique silicone band helps to keep your pants up and in place.

Classic Rise

Classic rise is worn at your natural waist level and is 4 cm higher than our low rise. They are our most flattering style. The unique silicone band helps to keep your pants up and in place.

Mid Rise

Mid rise pants are designed to sit right below your belly button. There is no silicone band in this style as it sits higher on the waist.

High Rise

High rise pants are designed to sit at your belly button. There is no silicone band in this style as it sits higher on the waist.

**NOTE: Fit may vary depending on your body type


3PRO BALLERINA (Narrow Width)

European Size

36 37 38 39 40 41

North American Size

6 7 8 9 10 11


23.6 24.5 25.3 26.1 26.9 27.6

D.I.W.O Curve Fit* INCHES


32-34 26-28


34-36 27-29


35-37 28-30


37-39 29-31