Freddy is going green

We all have a choice to make in protecting our planet, and that is why we have chosen to:
• Optimize the supply chain to minimize its environmental impact
• Replace our fleet vehicles with all-electric models
• Enter into new agreements with electricity suppliers that only use renewable energy sources
• Offer plastic-free packaging
• Use FSC-certified paper for the tags of our collections, as well as an eco-friendly printing process
• Become ISO 14001 – Certified

Certified environmentally friendly

Our new collections now have G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification for environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing in the textile sector.
How are our products sustainable:
• We use chemical-free organic cotton from sustainable agriculture
• All our polyester comes from post-consumer recycled plastic
• We only use certified vegan leather made from recycled materials
• Our lyocell is obtained from eucalyptus.

But there is more: our dyes are eco-friendly and even accessories, such as zippers and buttons, are made exclusively of recycled materials.