Women's Size Guide


Freddy Sizing

XXS (0) XS (2-4) S (6-8) M (8-10) L (10) XL (12)

Bum (inches)

32-33 34-35 36-37 38-39 40-41 42-43


23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30 31-32 33-34

Full Length Inseam

29-34 29-34 29-34 29-34 30-35 30-35

7/8 (Ankle) Length Inseam

25-29 25-29 25-29 25-29 26-30 26-30

How to measure yourself?


Measure your waist approximately 2 inches below your belly button, or the narrowest part of your torso. 


Measure from the top of the crotch down to the hem.

Note: Full Length and 7/8 Length can stretch in length whilst worn between 4-6 inches or 10-15 cm.


Measure your bum around the widest part as shown.


If you are in-between sizes always go a size up.

Does it fit me?

The best way to tell whether your pants are too small is to look at the seams. Are they stretched out and the seam showing? You want your Freddys to fit tight and snug, but too tight could cause the seams to burst and material to look overstretched. 

Bear in mind that fit and sizing can vary between products also, due to different waist styles, pant length, fabrics and cuts. Our size chart is provided as a general guide only. That’s why we recommend chatting to our team to fine-tuning your Freddy fit if it is your first time buying. Simply schedule a virtual appointment with one of our girls in-store and she can help you. 

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We have four different rises! All popular for different reasons, each style flatters your natural curves! Choose the right fit got you with our guide!


High waisted pants are designed to sit right at your belly button. This style has become a fast favourite for its sexy silhouette and elongating effect for the legs.

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Classic Rise

Our most popular classic rise pant is worn at your natural waist level and is 4 cm higher than our low rise. These pants never fall down with a unique silicone band helps to keep your pants in place.

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Low Rise

Low rise Freddy pants sit on your hips and are a lower waist style. Just like the classic rise, the low rise has a silicone band that helps to keep your pants up and in place.

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Curvy Pants

The curvy pant is designed with a slightly higher waisted fit that hugs the curves and sits comfortably above the booty. Similar to the classic rise, this fit features a silicone waistband which means they never slip down and still sits snug at the waist for girls with a little extra booty to show off. That’s right, so belts needed!

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Curvy Freddys Size Guide


Curvy Pants Sizing

XXS (4) XS (6) S (8) M (10) L (12) XL (14)

Bum (inches)

36.5-38 38.5-40 40.5-42 42.5-44 44.5-46 46.5-48


27-28.5 27-28.5 31-32.5 33-34.5 35-36.5 37-38.5

Full Length Inseam

27-31 27-31 28-32 28-32 29-33 29-33

7/8 (Ankle) Length Inseam

25-29 25-29 25-29 25-29 26-30 26-30

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