Miss Universe Canada 2020

Miss Universe Canada 2020

October 19, 2020

Big things are happening this year! We at Livify are the proud sponsors of Miss Universe Canada 2020, supporting the contestants through out this exciting competition. So what did we do? We sent all the beautiful contestants a pair of Freddys as our way of saying good luck, because let's face it, no pant supports better than Freddys.

So who will take your vote? Honestly, these girls have blown us away, it’s impossible to pick one! Not only are they beautiful, but their accomplishments are enough to make us all feel like we should be keeping more busy. 

So just to help you pick, here are a few of the contestants to look at, rocking their new favourite pants. 

Be sure to check out the Miss Universe Canada website for more and watch the show on their website, Facebook and YouTube starting at 8:00pm Saturday October 24th and cast your vote!


Aleria McKay @aleriamck

Aleria is from Six Nations, ON and is looking amazing in our Blue floral WR.UP® Fashion pant. As an activist, pageants have given Aleria a platform to speak on her passions and raise awareness for causes close to her heart. She has held the titles of Miss Teen Six Nations 2013 and Miss Teenage Ontario 2018, and is currently Miss Six Nations, a role that has her serving as a cultural ambassador for her reserve.

“As an Indigenous woman who is a mix of cultures and nations from coast to coast, I would be extremely proud to represent not only Canada on the international stage but the original people of Turtle Island as well. In all I do, I aim to amplify the voices of Indigenous people across the country, and I hope to use this platform to accomplish this as well.”

Brittany Rushton @beliizabeth

Meet Brittany Rushton, from our very own Calgary, AB, and an impressive entrepreneur with her own nationally recognized fitness and nutrition coaching brand, SophroSYNC Fitness. Brittany focuses her energy on actively supporting and teaching other businesswomen how to achieve their goals and develop a strong presence and following. You bet she’ll be strolling into her meetings looking fabulous in our D.I.W.O.® PRO pant in wine

Christina Harb @harbchristina2020

Christina Harb is just something of a wonder! Already fluent in three languages: English, French and Arabic, she is now learning the American Sign Language as she believes that there is no Canadian community without the Deaf Community. Being raised in Lebanon, a male-dominated society, Christina knew the importance of education for women to be independent, and she believes pageantry throughout the world offers women a voice and helps reduce the gaps of gender inequality. What a role model!  We are eager to hear more from her, and love how she styles our mid-rise WR.UP® Denim with red heels! What a striking combo for a striking woman! 

Emily Lou @theasianprincess

Emily Lou is what you might call a jack of all trades with experience in the arts, music, photography, law, politics, economics, finance, marketing, hospitality, and much more. The photography talent is so obvious from the stunning fall picture she took in our WR.UP® 4 button Denim pant. What a beautiful shot and a beautiful girl!

Jaime Vanderberg @missjaimeyvonne

You better watch for Jaime Vanderberg, because this girl is out to change the world, receiving an international Diana Award for her humanitarian work and social change efforts abroad. Jamie has a passion for gender equality, and has done so much with that passion that we don’t even have room to list all her accomplishments, so you better go check for yourself. All we can say is, we are impressed, and nothing makes us prouder than seeing our WR.UP® 4 button Denim pant on a girl like that!

Kalika Hastings 

Our knees go weak around Kalika Hastings, a striking a bold woman. Innovative and determined, Kalika’s entrepreneurial spirit and quest to relentlessly pursue her dreams are what drive her towards success and her whole aura is bursting with it. When she sees a block in the road she charges through it, even pursuing a Graduate Diploma from McGill University in the very subject she struggled with the most, Public Relations & Communications Management, always pushing herself into uncomfortable territory in the pursuit of growth. Doesn’t she look fierce in our classic rise D.I.W.O.® PRO grey pant?

Kathryn Legaspi @kathryn.legaspi

Covid ready Kathryn Legaspi is just a stunner, even with a mask on. Yet it’s not her killer style that blows us away, but her work. Kathryn is involved in helping and assisting children with Autism but hopes to help others with disabilities too. Through her volunteer and work experience, she has learned that children with disabilities need to be given the opportunity to grow and hopes to use the platform of the pageant to bring more awareness to this.  Always doing it in style, we love the look our classic rise WR.UP® denim with a crop top and boots! We couldn’t have found a better pairing ourselves. 

Laetitia Nocera @laetitia.official

Looking like she is ready for the catwalk, Laetitia Nocera is equally beautiful on the inside. She is passionate about making the world a better place by advocating about mental health issues and encouraging self-love. She created the social media campaign #KindnessStartsWithMe to encourage positive self-talk. With so many young girls looking up to pageant contestants, we couldn’t think of a better message to send them. We just love seeing her look so strong and confident in our classic rise WR.UP® denim pant.

Lauren Peters @laurenpeters_xo

It's no surprise to learn that the beautiful Lauren Peters is an actress, most recently, playing the pivotal role of Faith McLanden (Young Blake Lively) in the Hollywood feature film, A Simple Favor, which aired in theatres worldwide. We can’t wait to see her more on the big screen, because she is born for stardom. We just know she will be bringing her new dark grey D.I.W.O.® PRO pants with her to Hollywood. 

Meera Patel @iammeerapatel

Let’s introduce you to Meera Patel! As a champion of female strength, and women supporting women, Meera is also the founder of Queen Kong Clothing. Queen Kong is a female empowerment tribe that connects women through bold statement fashion, where a portion of profits are donated to charity. This year’s selected charity is the Chhanv Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization in India working for the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors. She has a clear talent for fashion, matching our black rinse WR.UP® denim pant with a cool leather jacket for that effortlessly cool look, and we love that she is using that talent towards a force for good. 

Nicole Peters @nicolepetersxo 

Seeing double? Well that is because Nicole Peters is a twin to Lauren Peters, her fellow contestant. Also an actress, Nicole starred alongside her sister in the blockbuster movie A Simple Favour (though no spoilers in case you didn’t see it, because it’s a must watch). Like her sis, she is going places and her new satin finish WR.UP® fashion pant will support her throughout that journey!

Nova Stevens @thenovastevens

Bright like a supernova, Nova Stevens is a shining star! With a difficult childhood, having to flee her home country at the age of 6, leaving her own family behind, she emphasizes resiliency and the power of faith in being able to change your circumstances. Now she is an activist for Black Lives Matter as well as an actress and published international model working in the fashion capitals of New York, Paris and Milan. Through the pageant, she hopes to use her platform to shine a light on the issue of inequality and racism experienced by people of colour and most importantly, she hopes that winning the title and your hearts would encourage other young African Canadians to see the beauty in themselves. We hope the confidence she shows, rocking our high rise WR.UP® denim pants rubs off onto a younger generation, so they too can feel and show that confidence in themselves as they deserve to. 


Sara Winter @saramwinter

Sara Winter is here to win, as a natural athlete, excelling at dance, figure skating, and karate, and pursuing her passion as a pro golfer. Being a female athlete in a male-dominated sport, Sara strives to break stereotypes and show the world that through resilience and the ability to believe in yourself anything is possible. On top of dedicating her time to golf, Sara advocates for addiction awareness in Canada, having her mother struggle with substance abuse growing up, she knows firsthand the effects it can have on families and loved ones. 

Svetlana Mamaeva @lana.mamaev

Svetlana Mamaeva is more than just a pretty face. Led by her interest in this finance, Svetlana spent over 2 years working in personal banking, where she earned the Top 10% in Canada award for her performance. She used her academic and professional experience to design a free financial literacy program for women across Canada. This initiative, FinPowered, provides accessible and informative workshops in the face of a global recession. It makes sense, because she looks like a total badass woman in our white WR.UP® Eco Leather pant!

Please go to the Miss Universe Canada website and check out all the amazing girls as we were not able to feature them all! 
Don’t forget to cast your vote to determine who will represent Canada in the Miss Universe pageant. 

Good luck girls!!

Women's Size Chart

Freddy is an Italian brand that follows a European measuring chart. What does that mean? Well, for us North Americans it means we need to SIZE UP because Freddy pants fit small. Follow our size chart to find out what size best fits you. It is important that you get the correct size in FREDDY WR.UP® pants so they can accentuate your figure rather than flatten and overstretch around your buttocks and crotch area. The seams are specifically designed to assist your natural curves and apply pressure to lift the buttocks. If the seams are overstretched it can cause too much pressure and could lead to damaging the pants.


1. Measure your BUM around the widest part as shown.
2. Measure your WAIST approximately 2 inches below your belly button.
3. The most important measurement is the BUM.
4. If you are in-between sizes always go a size up
5. See your corresponding FREDDY size in the chart below.

Find the perfect rise 

Find your perfect fit!

Low Rise

Low rise Freddy pants sit on your hips and are a lower waist style. The unique silicone band helps to keep your pants up and in place.

Classic Rise

Classic rise is worn at your natural waist level and is 4 cm higher than our low rise. They are our most flattering style. The unique silicone band helps to keep your pants up and in place.

Mid Rise

Mid rise pants are designed to sit right below your belly button. There is no silicone band in this style as it sits higher on the waist.

High Rise

High rise pants are designed to sit at your belly button. There is no silicone band in this style as it sits higher on the waist.

**NOTE: Fit may vary depending on your body type


3PRO BALLERINA (Narrow Width)

European Size

36 37 38 39 40 41

North American Size

6 7 8 9 10 11


23.6 24.5 25.3 26.1 26.9 27.6

D.I.W.O Curve Fit* INCHES


32-34 26-28


34-36 27-29


35-37 28-30


37-39 29-31